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About The Simplicity Mindset

Why we're here & think you should be too 

Why Simplicity

Hi there, I’m Bitzy and welcome to The Simplicity Mindset! I started this blog as an extension of my personal belief that living in simplicity is transformative. This way of thinking has shaped the past 2 years of my life in ways I never expected. Prior to adopting this mentality, I was so accustomed to looking externally for reasons why my life wasn’t the way I wanted it to be.


The realization that simple moments of joy hold so much power, led me to the desire to share this message with others, and The Simplicity Mindset was born! To read more about my story, check out this blog post. 

Our Values

The Simplicity Mindset was created to encourage others to find joy exactly where they are, in the little, simple moments of everyday. 


This community  is rooted in the values of

gratitude, minimalism, intentionality, and simplicity (of course!). 


What You Can Expect

The Simplicity Mindset exists to help inspire you to find the simple moments in everyday, and will do that through weekly blog posts, community engagement, our Instagram content, and mindset content recommendations. Topics will range from how to structure simple moments into your day, to a Simplicity Mindset book rec section, to personal reflections to help enhance your mindfulness practices. 

All of the posts/outreach are geared towards helping you recognize that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and you are capable and worthy of living the life that you desire. 

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