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4 Tips for a Successful Week

“Sunday Resets” have become popular in the past few years on social media, and for good reason! Most videos show people cleaning their house, or organizing their fridge, but whatever it is, the goal is to set themselves up for a successful week.

So, if you are looking for some tips and tricks for how to start a Sunday reset ritual, here are some simple ways to help you get started:

Set an intention

How do you want this week to go? How can you choose to show up for yourself? What is one thing that you really need to accomplish? These are things to ponder when you are choosing an intention for your week.

Maybe your intention is to “slow down, and focus”, maybe its to “move more” or “show up and be fully present”. Whatever your intention, write it down in a journal or on a sticky note – somewhere you will see it – and come back to the short, simple phrase throughout the week when you sense yourself losing sight of the goals you set, or if you sense your week starting to go downhill.

Look at your Calendar – Plan Ahead

Sundays are a great time to slow down and look at your week ahead, so you know what’s coming. This way, if you have an early meeting Monday morning, you can adjust your morning routine accordingly and tackle it head-on. This also allows you to find the gaps in your schedule that can be used for working on your side-hustle, journaling about your future, or incorporating more simple moments of joy (like an extra-long evening walk after dinner, or time to read before bed) into your day.

Looking ahead at your week allows you to see the gaps in your schedule and have more control over the gift of time that you are given.

Tidy Up !

Alright, this one might be unpopular, but that doesn’t make it less important! A weekly organization/reset is CRITICAL to helping you start your week off on the right foot. A clean space will help you generate new creative ideas, inspire you to check items off your to-do list, and help you relax after a long day.

Here are some tips for a quick and (relatively) painless Sunday Reset:

  • Write down the areas you need to clean and make a checklist.

  • Start small: maybe this is folding the laundry and making the bed. Once you get rolling, you will start to feel the effects of a clean space and want to keep going.

  • Think of the end result! Sometimes when I am cleaning, and REALLY feeling the resistance to it, I find it helpful to envision how relaxing it will feel to be able to enjoy the clean space … I also like to remember that sometimes we have to do the difficult things that we don’t want to do. Think of your reset as an opportunity to practice resilience and discipline at the start of your week.

Menu Prep

When people hear the term “meal prepping”, it tends to invoke the image of chicken, rice and broccoli stuffed in containers and piled in the fridge. But meal prepping doesn’t have to be boring or time consuming!

I like to think of this as a way to use your weekend time to save you time during your busy week. Meal prepping is also an incredible way to simplify your decision making to ensure you make healthier decisions when in a rush.

Some simple ways to meal prep include:

  • Cutting up apples or veggies for a quick snack during the week

  • Cooking a larger portion of dinner on Sundays to have leftovers throughout the week for lunches

  • Cooking some chicken, or other protein to add to salads for a quick lunch

  • Baking a sweet treat to have throughout the week for dessert after dinners

I recommend setting aside an hour before making dinner to do a little prep for your week. This week, try prepping 3 things for yourself and see how you like it! That way you can slowly start to increase the amount that you prep each week, without burning yourself out.

I hope you will give these tips a try this Sunday and let me know how your week goes!

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