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How I Discovered Simplicity:

Hi everyone, welcome to the Simplicity Mindset. Starting this page has been on my heart for a few months now and I am excited to share how living with a simplicity mindset can be life changing. (Ok, I know that sounds dramatic but hear me out!)

What is Simplicity?

Simplicity, to me, is a way of life. It the conscious act of choosing to focus on the simple, little moments of joy in daily life, rather than all the noise in today’s world (comparison traps on social media, constant arguing in the media, stress about the future, etc). This mindset is a daily choice, and it is one I continue to make because it has shaped my outlook on life over the past 2 years.

How it All Got Started

In the Fall of 2021, I was deeply alone. I was so frustrated with where I was at in life: in college in a small, and sometimes dreary town, feeling so distant-- both from the people I love and from myself. Instead of trying to find meaning in that chapter of life, I chose resistance. Why couldn’t I stand being alone? And why did I always associate being alone with loneliness? I started to explore these thoughts and came to realize that instead of running from the pain, maybe it was there for a reason. Maybe it was highlighting something that I desperately needed to pay attention to.

I decided to shift my mindset and focus on the little joys that I got to experience every day. I fell in love with my morning routine: making breakfast and my cup of coffee,

taking it up to my room, and getting lost in a book.

I chose to find more ways to fuel joy through little actions, like driving to the park and reading there or going on a mid-day walk and picking out 5 beautiful things that I saw.

Over time, I realized that the purpose of this chapter of struggle, was to learn how to live presently and appreciate each chapter of life,

even if some are more difficult than others.


You're Meant to Live Life Fully ... & Simply

I know that we, whoever is reading this, are all going through very different chapters of life, but no matter what chapter you are in, I invite you to pause in this moment and try to reflect on 2 instances of simple joy that you were able to experience today. Maybe it’s seeing the sunlight through your bedroom window, or buying fresh flowers, or hugging someone you love.

No matter how simple, how do you feel? Do you feel more gratitude for those moments? If you’ve had a really rough day, do you feel a little relief being able to separate the frustrations of the day from the small moments of joy? These moments of simplicity are powerful, and I encourage you to continuously search for them and create them in your day—you’ll be surprised at how impactful they become.

If you are desiring a deeper personal connection with yourself and wanting to wake up daily to live in joy, I invite you to join this community and join me in living the simple life.


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